KIRSTY CAMERON | Rehearsal Films


Production and Costume Designer

Kirsty Cameron is an award-winning costume designer and production designer. She was production designer on the acclaimed The Weight of Elephants (Daniel Borgman) and The Price of Milk (Harry Sinclair).

She won New Zealand Film Award’s best costume design for Whale Rider, directed by Niki Caro.  She also won NZ best costume design for her work on Perfect Creature, Glenn Standring’s vampire feature. She was nominated for best production design on The Weight of Elephants, best costume design on Love Birds and In My Father’s Den.

Her recent work includes costume design for TV movie Jean, directed by Robert Sarkies, Slow West, the Michael Fassbender starrer filmed in New Zealand’s South Island; for director Tusi Tamasese’s acclaimed The Orator, which won best film at Venice Film Festival in 2011 and best film at the New Zealand Film Awards in 2012; the award-winning In My Father’s Den, directed by Brad McGann and the award-winning Rain, directed by Christine Jeffs. Her other feature films as costume designer include Love Birds, After The Waterfall, The Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell and The Strength of Water as well as TV movies Field Punishment No 1 and Pirates of the Airwaves.